My First Bike Ride

My First Bike Ride

The Journey Started

Lately I have bought a new Mountain Bikes from local Cycling Shop and so exciting to start my first ride. The ride is actually from Bayan Baru to Penang Port Jetty. It takes me about 1.5 hrs to complete the whole route ~17km. The journey start at 7am and the scene was so good along the way especially when reaching 1st Penang Bridge there. Start from there, the biking track was not in complete condition. On and off I have to hand carry my bike when the path is not allow for biking. When reach to the sg, pinang under bridge there, I was chase by a dog this help me to speed up my cycling to reach destination like using Performance Bicycle.

Cycling Experience

Once reach Penang  Jetty Port, waited for about 15min and my brother (simon) arrived by ferry with full of energy. We met up there and head over to have our breakfast Dim Sum at Dai Tong restaurant. We were excited for the first time to have cycling experience at Georgetown Heritage area together with some of the tourist from foreign country.

The sun light is getting hot when reach to 10am and we decided stop biking and heading back home. We split at Jetty port there and I have to ride alone return trip to bayan baru. The route is flat and have to be careful along the coastal highway Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu due to the heavy traffic. I  was about exhausted under the hot sun light and reach home at about 11.30am.  The Guard from my apartment some more question me why riding under such a hot sun light. Hence, we have decided to plan our next trip to Carpet Route which is in the forest nearby Sg. Ara, Penang there which is greenery and cool weather in there.

My new bike

My New Bike

As beginner, the bike that I chosen as entry level type and cost about ~ RM1.3k only. Alloy 26″ with Shimano 27 speed, Rockshox suspension fork, Hydraulic Shimano F/R Disc Brake are good enough to handle this route. I am using mapmyride app to track the whole route and is super easy to applied it. Total Calories Burned ~507 kCal based on the data collected from this bicycle app with average speed 10.2km/h.