Dropshipping Level Up Program

How To Get Extra Wholesale Discounts?

Your Level will increase whenever you have achieved a certain transaction value threshold. The table below shows the threshold values for each Level.


Accessories Category: (For Each Purchase)

Bronze Reseller: Purchase more than RM200  ==> 15% Discount

Silver Reseller: Purchase more than RM500  ==> 25% Discount

Gold Reseller: Purchase more than RM800 ==> 30% Discount

Platinum Reseller: Purchase more than RM1500 ==>40% Discount


Complete Bikes Category (Within 1 month period)

Bronze Reseller: Purchase 1 Bike in 1 month==> 10% Discount

Silver Reseller: Purchase 2 Bikes in 1 month  ==> 15% Discount for 2nd Bike

Gold Reseller: Purchase 3 Bikes in 1 month ==> 20% Discount for 3rd Bike

Platinum Reseller: Purchase 4 Bikes & above in 1 month ==>25% Discount for 4th Bike and onwards

**For Bikes that Price Range from RM500 onwards only.  ** If in single purchase meet the requirement, then all units in that purchase get the discount also.

(Bikes Gallery Reserved the right to alter this Level Up Program Terms at any time without any notice given)